Prix de la photo Camera Clara

Edition 2017


Mustapha Azeroual, finalist

Born in Tours, France, in 1979, Mustapha Azeroual lives and works between Paris and Casablanca. An engineer by training, Azeroual’s work is based on observation and experimentation, combining historical shooting and printing techniques with contemporary issues regarding photography. Questioning the tools, the process of the apparition and the media, the artist focuses primarily on the viewer point of view.

His work consists of an analysis of the photographic and is centered on four main fields of study: the study of light, the question of the motif, the study of the recording and restoration of color and the question of the printing support.

These research themes have given rise to sections of works in which the series become spaces of experimentation.
Permanent resident at the Capsule, Center of photographic creation of Le Bourget, he joined Fresh Winds at the end of 2015, during the Biennale of contemporary art of Gardur in Iceland. He takes part of important art fairs such as Paris-Photo (2016) and New-York Aipad (2017).

He is developing the ELLIOS project, a study of light, in partnership with LESIA (Observatory of the Observatory of Paris-Meudon).
His work is represented in France by Galerie Binome (Paris), in Morocco by CulturesInterfaces (Casablanca) and in the United-States by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Seattle).

ELLIOS* is a photographic study of the sun as primary source of light and its phenomena of alteration, carried out since 2013, in partnership with LESIA (Sun observatory of the observatory the Paris-Meudon).
This reflection starts from the assumption that what makes things visible (light, by nature, the sun), is not visible.
The ELLIOS # 2 series is the result of this research.
For this work, I replaced myself in the conditions of the first photographic missions, walking for five days around the same mountain, the Atlas Mountains, with a guide and a mule carrying the view camera. By choosing to explore these landscapes only accessible on foot, it was for me a way to try to get closer to the temporality of the sun.
Through this series, I wish to question a paradoxical use of photography, often used to transcribe what we have seen, whereas photography induces intrinsically a change of dimension (from 3D to 2D).
Thereby, from this exploration, I decided to bring back recordings of light more than simple views of landscapes, in this way transcribing a true experience of the visible.
I decided to interrupt the photographic process by showing the image that is not visible, the impact of light. It is by this choice to show the negative image that I allow to see light as the primitive imprint of the landscape.
The work with view camera allowed me, by tilting, to remove any depth from the landscape. The resulting images, from the materialization of light by the crystallization of the silver halides on the surface of the sheet film, reveal fragments of a rock original and universal.

Mustapha Azeroual

*ELLIOS : anagramme de soleil




© Mustapha Azeroual,
courtesy CulturesInterface

© Mustapha Azeroual,
courtesy CulturesInterface

© Mustapha Azeroual,
courtesy CulturesInterface