Prix de la photo Camera Clara

Edition 2019


Arno Brignon, special mention

Arno Brignon was born in 1976. He lives and works in Toulouse. His photographic work has regularly been awarded and is exhibited in France and abroad.

« It is a place where history and geography remain uncertain, a place where dogs run free in the streets after cars, a place where the mountains and hills are an incessant echo of the ocean waves, a place of past growth, which has since fallen on the battlefield of the holy economic war, a place where the high-rise apartment blocks are destroyed, replaced by small homes, a place where hospitals and schools become museums offered to the passing through tourist. This place does not need a name, it looks so much like others in its loss. That of its inhabitants, of a specific identity, especially that of the social bond. The disappearance is set up, the man becomes a separate being and the earth a uniform space. The past is frozen in a setting so that the transformation of the rest of the world can go ever faster towards this uncertain future. I am in this place that I did not choose. Photography is my excuse for this trip, analogue film a medium of confrontation with otherness, a means of resistance to this global acceleration. This is the place is my residence this year, from Aussillon to Lectoure, from Valparaiso to Condom. I photographed these four cities, symbolic of this memory in a reprieve, where those who built these places, inhabited them, sometimes for generations, are forced to leave; the motives are multiple, but the reason almost always economic. Turned towards a past too often perceived as more flamboyant than their present, I question those who remain on an identity and a coexistence ever more attacked ».


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©Arno Brignon

©Arno Brignon

©Arno Brignon