Prix Camera Clara  

Créé en 2012, le prix photo Camera Clara est réservé aux artistes qui travaillent à la chambre photographique. Il récompense un travail d’auteur, inédit et présenté en série ou ensemble photographique afin qu’il puisse être jugé sur sa cohérence, tant sur la forme que sur son contenu. 







Virgile Ittah

Mention spéciale 2012

My research tackles taboo, marginal subjects little touched upon by the media, such as the status of illegal workers and the representation of the dead body. Highlighting these kinds of marginal subjects, my work explores various themes within the wider topic of personal identity.

The state of constant passage and flux in which migrants exist forces them into a state of being in which they are between two identities . This duality is the first of two areas I am currently exploring through my art work. The second is the alteration of the body after the death of the individual and the consequences of this changed state on the identity and to the mind–body relationship.

The material choices I make and the processes I select are critical to my approach and to the reading of the work ; they embody the subject and reflect entirely the desired atmosphere. The artworks also have a more socio-political dimension and question the viewer about the status of the illegal worker and Western society’s refusal to see the idea of death as a finitude.